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Certificates of Compliance with building regulations

Ensuring your construction project meets all regulatory requirements is paramount. Our Certificate of Compliance service offers peace of mind, guaranteeing your project aligns with Planning Permission and Building Regulations.


Let us streamline your compliance process today!

What is a Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations?

A Certificate of Compliance is required for all new build work and for all alterations, additions or extension work to an existing property to ensure that all works have been carried out in accordance with any Planning Permission granted and the Building Regulations.


Since the introduction of the Building Control Amendment Regulations 2013, it is now part of a statutory process, which is managed on the BCMS system for all new building work over 40 sq.m.

You will be asked to supply this on the sale or mortgage of your house. If you have not employed an architect, engineer or surveyor and you do not have a Certificate of Compliance, then you will have to provide an Opinion of Compliance.

Certificate of compliance with planning permission Ireland.

Navigating Ireland's intricate regulatory landscape can be daunting. Our expert architects, engineers, and surveyors specialize in providing thorough oversight to ensure your project complies with all necessary regulations.


Trust us to certify your project's compliance, safeguarding your investment and future endeavors.

Certificate of compliance with planning permission Ireland.

Our goal is to make your journey as smooth as possible, providing you with the clarity and support you need.

From initial consultation to project completion, we're dedicated to simplifying the compliance process. Explore our FAQs for comprehensive insights, and let us guide you toward regulatory excellence. Your project deserves nothing less than meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to compliance.

Start Getting Your Property Certified Today!

We cover all areas in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and Louth.

We can deliver next day if required!

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