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Terms & Conditions Compliance Certificates is a Service offering under the Trading name of JEArchitecture offering Opinions of Compliance, Declarations of Identity and Land Registry compliant mapping services. Our employees carrying out the Opinions are registered Architects with the RIAI and we hold professional Indemnity Insruance.


All our Certificates/Opinions are prepared in compliance with the Law Society of Ireland standard format. We carry adequate Professional Indemnity Insurance which offers you the protection and peace of mind for all certificates furnished by us.


The Certificates/Opinions objective is to report from a visual inspection only on the developments substantial compliance with planning and building regulations in place at the time of construction. The document is provided for use by your legal advisor.

What the Service Includes 

  • A single visual inspection of the property, with the details of the development requiring inspection to be provided by the client or agent/vendor at the time of booking.

  • Researching/viewing of planning files if an Opinion with planning is required. Additional fees may apply if documents need to be sourced from archives.

  • A report providing the Opinion of Compliance for Exempt Development or Compliance with Planning Permission and/or building regulations, as applicable. The report includes the Architect's opinion regarding the development's compliance with relevant planning and building regulations.

Limitations of Opinion

  • Opinions are based on a visual inspection of the development and do not entail the opening up of any works. This Certificate is issued solely with a view to providing evidence for title purposes of the compliance of the Relevant Works with the requirements of planning legislation. Except insofar as it relates to compliance with the said requirements and Regulations it is not a report or survey on the physical condition or on the structure of the Relevant Works NOR does it warrant, represent or take into account any of the following matters – 

    • The accuracy of dimensions in general save where arising out of the conditions of the Permission/Approval or of a fire safety certificate issued under the Building Regulations aforesaid 

    • Matters in respect of private rights or obligations 

    • Matters of financial contribution and bonds 

    • Development of the Relevant Works which may occur after the date of the said inspection.

  • Opinions do not constitute a report or survey on the physical condition or structure of the works, nor do they address matters such as accuracy of dimensions, private rights or obligations, financial contributions, or post-inspection developments.

  • Opinions are not a substitute for a Certificate of Compliance covering the original design and construction of the development, but are provided solely to facilitate the conveyancing process.

  • The planning files researched for an Opinion on Compliance with Planning Permission are provided by the Local
    Planning Authority. We can only comment on what is contained in the files that are presented to us for inspection
    by the Planning Authority. The files may be incomplete, documents may have been misfiled, removed, or even
    altered, therefore we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information or data. We do not claim
    that this source represents an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all sources that might be consulted.

  • When a planning permission refers to an entire multi-unit or apartment block complex, house estates or multi-unit commercial centres, the Opinion on Compliance Certificate will be restricted to the individual unit only and not the entire development.

Prices and payment

  • Numbered quotations are issued following booking confirmation

  • Opinions of Compliance will not be issued until payment has been made in full

  • Payment can be made via the invoice PDF by credit card, debit card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Payment will be taken at the time of booking.

  • If a follow up inspection is required this will require an additional fee and charged and quoted dependent on the enquiry in question.

Issuing of the Opinion of Compliance

  • All opinions will be issued via email in soft copy to the email provided. 

  • The same day the Hard copy will be posted to the clients address or agent/vendors address depending on instructions.

Cancelation of Appointments

  • The client may cancel the agreement and subsequent appointment but must give a minimum of two working days notice if there is no intent to reschedule.

  • If a cancelation or postponement takes place withing two working days then only 75% of the fee previously paid will be refunded.

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