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A Land Registry Compliant Map serves as a representation of a site/property/apartment utilized during the Land Registration process, particularly in instances where a property undergoes its inaugural sale or mortgage with the Land Registry.

This map is a certified document crafted to meet the specific criteria outlined by the Property Registration Authority - Land Registry. Its primary function lies in precisely delineating the location and boundaries of both freehold and leasehold properties. Moreover, it is used in various scenarios, including First Registrations, Subdivisions of Registered Property, and delineating Rights over Registered Property.

Our services extend to providing expedited and cost-effective Land Registry Compliant Maps.

Land Registry Maps

In the process of selling a property, it is commonplace for solicitors to recommend obtaining such a map as an essential component of the conveyance process. The necessity for this is contingent upon whether the property's title documents are registered in the Registry of Deeds or the Land Registry, both of which fall under the Property Registration Authority.

We specialise in the preparation of title maps in strict adherence to the stipulations set forth by the Property Registration Authority – Land Registry.

Our commitment is to facilitate a seamless property transaction experience by ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

First Registration Mapping for land transfer, land leasing, property, apartments or multi-story buildings:

  • Maps for the First Registration of new properties,

  • Maps for the First Registration of previously unregistered properties.

  • Maps for the First Registration of properties with the land registry which were previously recorded in the Registry of Deeds.

  • Deed of rectifications, i.e. repair errors in the land registry map.

  • Maps for Rights-of-Way and/or Wayleaves 

  • Agricultural or industrial Lease Maps.

All of our maps are prepared using Ordnance Survey Ireland Land Registry Compliant maps.

Land Registry Compliant Maps are scaled at 1:1000 or 1:2,500. Land Registry Compliant Apartment Plans are generally at a scale of 1:100.

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