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If you have carried out works to your house/apartment which are not exempted development you may require retention planning permission. We at can offer this comprehensive service from the initial survey to lodging the retention planning application for you. Your solicitor may highlight the works in question which require an opinion of compliance may need retention planning before receiving an Opinion of Compliance with Planning.


Building works which are not exempted from Planning Regulations are called ‘unauthorised developments’ and they require a retention planning application to be lodged with the local authority.

At we have a vast experience of making Retention Planning Applications and we are very experienced in securing retention permission for all manner of unauthorised additions, and have an excellent track record. We specialise in turning your Retention Planning Application around in as quick a time frame as possible.

Retention permission is permission for an unauthorised structure or partially constructed structure that is already built without planning permission. This is very risky, but retention permission is there to try regularise the matter with the local Authority, the process and procedure are exactly the same for both planning permission and retention. If a genuine mistake has been made, it is possible to apply for Retention planning permission to retain the unauthorised development. This permission may be refused, in which case, the unauthorised development will have to be demolished.


The most common reasons our clients need retention planning are for extensions to the side and/or front of the existing house, extensions built to the rear that exceeds the permitted 40 sq. metres our other specialised reasons. Most clients were unaware that you need retention planning for you extend your vehicular access or extend the high of your boundaries. check with your local Authority for the exempted heights.


Generally, the local planning authority must make an initial decision on a planning application within 8 weeks of receiving the application and a further 4 weeks for a final decision or Final Grant of permission. The process may take longer should the authority need further information, or if any appeals were lodged. The process and procedures are exactly the same as an ordinary planning permission.

You can check the guidelines on exempted development or find out more about Retention planning permission, by going to your local Authority website.

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